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At Unleash the Champ, we

serve clients to maximize their professional success without creating personal mess. By breaking through the cages that hold you back in life, leadership, & the legacy, you truly become the Champ you are destined to be. 


Life's too short to be overwhelmed, overworked,

or over committed.


Let me help you discover opportunities, develop the skills required and deploy the Champ you desire to be to handle the barriers standing in the way of your goals. If you want to start soaring and Unleash the Champ, click the button below to start the conversation.

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The two most important days in your life is when you are born and when you unleash why.


Growing up, I always wanted to have something of significance, some might say they knew I was a kid with lots of potential. Growing up in the Louisiana, the goal was to be a good person, not rock the boat, and get into something that made a good living.

With that being the plan, I shouldn’t be surprised that I ended up in a cage of comfort.

Now don't get me wrong, I have a laundry list of “wish this wasn’t the case” moments. From being born to two kids still in high school to being raised by my dad and family after my biological mother left, learning my mom wasn’t my biological mom as a pre-teen, to getting wrapped up in drugs and alcohol living the frat boy life in college, I have had my share of dumb, destructive, and questionable moments in my life.


My turning point was after being jumped at a drug deal and I realized quickly, I don’t want this moment to repeat itself so at 21, I walked into Church with a commitment to be available & obedient to the prompting I felt internally.

That led me to graduate from college and step into full-time ministry. I got the opportunity and honor of working for two of the largest churches in America over the next 10 years. I was mentored and led by major influences in the modern era of church leadership and I was thriving and having incredible success but I had one thought looming in my mind...

“Am I capable of MORE?”

July 2020 is one of the most defining months in my life. Armed with a dream of what could be, I left everything I knew to be comfortable and safe to create Unleash the Champ right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My desire was to create powerful experiences for leaders who are looking to enhance their professional success without creating a personal mess. 

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You live in a space where you value what you DO over who you ARE. It makes it really hard for you to feel confident opening up to anyone because what if they don’t accept what feels in more alignment with me. And you say to yourself “My life is great, why would I mess this up?”


Here’s the problem with that: You lose yourself trying to be everyone else. You lose the ability to dream and believe for more because you stay “living the dream” and portraying “the blessed life”

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I’ve been through a lot in my life (as all reading this has also) but can you say you are grateful for EVERYTHING


I can. Because if any of the events changed, everything I experience now changes. 

I have an incredible wife who said “yes” and continues to say “yes”.

I have awareness to the wild intuition that leads me and mine to places and depths we never imagined. 


I have two incredible kids who wouldn’t be here if any of that above changed or was shifted in any way. 


I have a community of people who keep me accountable to the targets, vision, and version of me I desire.


I have a resolve about me that is only found in people who have gone to the darkness and came out in the light. 

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So again…the point is this. When you think about me, understand this… you are reading about, listening to, working with, and investing in someone who knows what it is like to be weak and I know what it is to be strong. 

That’s why Unleash the Champ exists. That’s why I am investing my life in guiding people to exceed their personal alignment and fulfillment to their professional success. I do that because it is the journey I have been on for the last 13 years and the last 2 building the movement that is Unleash the Champ right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 


I am someone who is an expert in grit, passion, and energy because it is the only thing I had for many years. All of the business growth and scalability are afforded to me because I continue to walk out my evolution as the Champ I am created to be.  

Here’s to you doing the same.
It's time to win. 
It's time to soar.
It's time to Unleash the Champ

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